The Tripods concept originated from the Great Coral Reef where one can espy the ineffable beauty that is created by colonies of polyps working meticulously together. This project aimed to diminish the sharp contrast between a micro and macro scale by allowing for final creations to be made on a macro scale, while simultaneously devoting a large aspect of design to the micro aspect of the individual Tripods. The lines and design of individual components were greatly influenced by the way that light undulates throughout the Great Coral Reef, as it is what gives life to the whole structure by allowing all animals to thrive and giving the Coral Reef color. Furthermore, the shape of the Tripod was then designed by creating a hybrid that blended elements of modern architectural styles and has integrated fluid and organic lines into the core of the design with aspects that occur in nature. Lastly, the addition of assemblage of the final product by the customer was inspired by the mutualistic relationship between polyps and algae that allows for the Coral Reef to be grand, similarly in the Tripods project a relationship is created between the purchaser and the product in the assembly, as it allows for a great creation to occur by combining the design of Tripods with creative elements of the customer.
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